Home Inspection Services Pricing

Many home inspection companies do not advertise the price of the services they offer. At Assurance, we make pricing simple and straightforward  so you can budget your home buying costs. Below you will find pricing on all of the services we offer.


Well inspections

Unlike public water supplies, private wells are not monitored by anyone but the owner of the well. This means that a lack of maintenance or damage from natural events could mean the well is not functional or safe to drink from.

Many counties in Michigan require the well be tested before the sale of the home.

Well Inspection - $200


General Home Inspection

Assurance has simple pricing for our most common product, the general home inspection. The price is based on the size.

1000 Sq ft and below - $250

1001-2499 Sq ft - $350

Over 2500 Sq ft - Call for pricing



SepTic inspections

Buying a home with a septic system? You will need it inspected! Most counties in Michigan require well and septic inspections prior the sale. 

You can bundle your general home inspection with a septic inspection.

Visual Septic Inspection - $200

This includes:


  • Dye testing if needed
  • Locating and sketching of the septic system
  • Drain field or absorption field soil and bed testing
  • Visual inspection of the septic tank
  • Measurement of the Scum, effluent, and sludge layers in the septic tank
  • Report submission to local health department

tank pump-out

Assurance partners with local sanitation haulers to provide septic tank pump out during the inspection. 

If the septic system of the home you are buying has not been pumped in 3 years, or is over full. A tank pump out is required to complete the inspection.

Pump out services are priced based on the amount of waste removed from the tank. Pricing requires a quote based on size of the tank. 

Call today to get a quote.


Continued Pricing and Discounts

Below you will find additional home inspection services and discounts available. 

InterNACHI Certified Mold Inspector .png

Mold inspections

Mold can grow in numerous conditions. It requires little to no light and a very small amount of moisture. Assurance Inspections provided mold testing during general home inspections and on demand for a home you already occupy. 

All our inspectors are InterNACHI and IAC2 Certified 

Swab Testing - 3 Swabs $50 - Additional swabs $25

Air Testing - $100


Radon testing

The EPA states that radon is the #1 leading cause of lung cancer in non smoking Americans. Nearly every home in Michigan will test positive for radon and many above the action limit. The EPA recommends that ALL homes be tested for radon. 

Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is part helium and moves through the ground and your home very easily. 

testing cost

Standard Radon Testing $100

Advanced Radon Testing $200

Water Quality Tester.jpg

Water quality testing

Water quality testing will let you know if the water you rely on is safe for you and your family. 

Your first sample is always free when bundled with a well inspection

Water testing

First Sample - FREE with well test

All additional samples - $25

police - fire - military discount

Assurance Inspections is proudly owned by firemen and offers a 15% discount to all our Police, Fire, and Military brothers and sisters.


Annual home inspection

Many people think that the only time you need a home inspector is when you are buying or selling your home. The truth is, your home will continue to be effected by natural, human and other conditions that can cause damage to your investment.

Assurance offers discounted Annual Home Maintenance inspections to clients who purchased a general home inspection. 

We will come back each year and give your home a check up. Letting you know what needs repairs, replacing or could be a concern soon. Instead of paying thousands for a costly unexpected repair, our inspectors will alert you to maintenance that needs to be performed which will help you avoid big problems.

Annual home inspection cost